What is the Full form of NRC ?

Full form of  NRC is:-  National Register of Citizens

Full form of CAB:- Citizenship Amendment  Bill

Full form of CAA:- Citizenship Amendment  Act

What is the Full form of  NRC ?
What is the Full form of  NRC Full form of CAB and CAA।what is NRC, CAB, CAA

The full form of  NRC is the National Register of citizens.NRC first published in

Assam in 1951 has been updated to

segregate Indian citizens living in a

SAN from those who have illegally

entered the state from Bangladesh after

March 1971 however even before its

publication political parties including

the Bharatiya Janata Party in Assam has

questioned the credibility of the list strange

saying it might not be error-free

meanwhile, while the list is awaited we

just want to give our viewers updates

 we do not want to go deeper into it but

Assam is clearly witnessing tense

moments security has been heightened

section 144 is, however, we'd like to put

in that, the government has reiterated

that non-inclusion of a name in this

the list does not amount to being declared a

foreigner immediately at least and
those left out will be given the chance to

appeal their exclusion in the foreigners

tribunal within 120 days so as for the

the government there is no need to panic

however, there is a sense of panic

because they are not enough tribunal

still, now they've only been a hundred

however, one coming in from the Home

Ministry suggests that the government

will set up at least 1,000 new tribunals

those will be set up in phases to hear

the disputed case 100 tribunals are to

open presently in the first week of

September 200 more will be opened by the

second week of September if one loses

the case in the tribunal one can

approach the High Court and then the

Supreme Court no-one will be put in

detention centers until all legal

options are exhausted.

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