Ram full form | Full from of Ram in Computer | Full form of sdram | sdram ka full form


In this modern world of smartphones, we are all very well acquainted with Ram. Each of the mobiles and computers we use every day has a ram. RAM is a primary memory. By this we can do both read and write. RAM is a transient memory. When a computer's power is turned off, all its data is erased, so it is called the volatile memory of the computer. In the current market, from 64 MB to 600 GB Ram can be found. Its volume is higher than that of Rom. RAM is divided into two sections: S RAM and D RAM.

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Ram full form | Full from of Ram in Computer | Full form of SDRAM | SDRAM ka full form   

 SDRAM Full Form In Computer

1. S RAM:- Full Form of S RAM Is STATIC RAM

 It is faster than D RAM. This Ram does not have to be refreshed repeatedly like D RAM. It takes less time to process the Ram data but the price of this Ram is comparatively high and this Ram is not used as much as D RAM.

2. D RAM :- Full Form of D RAM Is DYNAMIC RAM.

The speed of this Ram is extremely slow. This Ram can hold up to 4 times more data than the S Ram. D RAM  is cheaper than S RAM so it is used more.

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