What is the full form of ADCA and what are the Syllabus, Eligibility, and Fees of ADCA?


What is the full form of ADCA, what is ADCA computer course, what is ADCA syllabus, ADCA full form in computer, what is computer ADCA course, what are the fees of ADCA course? If you are searching for this kind of questions then this post is for you.

In the modern world computer is a necessary thing to learn without computer knowledge it is very difficult to get a secure job in public and private sector.
That is now almost every student do computer course with their regular studies like CCC, O level, DCA, ADCA, PGDCA, etc. every student have a question that what course they should do.
I have already informed you about CCC, O level, DCA and PGDCA in my previous posts. If you want to know about them you can check all posts. From this post, you will get all the information about ADCA.

What is the full form of ADCA
What is the full form of ADCA

What is the full form of ADCA and what are the Syllabus, Eligibility, and Fees of ADCA?

ADCA stands for “Advanced Diploma in Computer Application”. From the full form, you would get a idea that it teaches the use of different applications (software) on computers.
Before telling you about the ADCA. I would like to tell you that it is not govt. certified. It is same like CCC and O level, you can use ADCA certificate to a limited govt. jobs.
ADCA computer course is a perfect choice for private jobs. Because it teaches the use of application we use in our daily life and in offices.
Most of the computer institute and some universities teach about the ADCA course because it is not certified by the govt. that is its fees and syllabus varies at different places.
ADCA course is of 12 months. If you want to learn ADCA from any institution there is no criteria of study that you need 10th or 12th mark sheet but if you take admission in a university you need to pass 12th standard.

What is ADCA Syllabus?

The syllabus of ADCA is different at different universities and institutions. I have mentioned common applications that are mostly in the syllabus of almost all universities and institutions.
But I request you to please ask all the queries to the institution or university before taking admission.
1.     Fundamentals of Computers and Information Technology
2.     Operating System (DOS, WINDOWS, LINUX)
3.     Microsoft Office (WORD, POWER POINT, EXCEL)
4.     Hindi and English typing.
5.     Accounting with Tally
6.     Desktop Publishing (DTP)
7.     Problem Solving and Programming throughC
8.     language
9.     Web designing

                      #USB  ,#JPG  ,#JSON  ,#UNIX ,#URL #WIFI #UDP,#WWW
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