What is the full form of url ?


What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

What is the full form of url
What is the full form of url 

URL full form, what is URL how can be derived URL, What is the meaning of URL? What is the use of URL? And where we use URL? If you are  searching  answer of this type of question then you can read this post this post will be definitely help you.

If any person want to come in my house then you have required address for came my house. Similarly if you want to reach the website then first of all you should knowledge about URL.
If you don’t know about website address then you can face some difficulty but you can search website with the help of search engine and you can search it.
What is the full form of URL and meaning of URL?
URL stand for “Uniform Resource Locator” The meaning of URL like Address of any place like this is a address where you can find resources.
URL is a just like a address of website with this help you can visit any website. If you don’t know about URL of any website then you can face some difficult for finding the website.
URL is using for accessing any website in internet. URL can access only web browser (like- Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera mini, UC browser, internet explorer etc).
What is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)?, full form of url

Tim Berners-lee was defined Uniform Resources Locator in 1994. He is also inventor of World Wide Web. The URL is case sensitive. That is, you have to take care of small alphabets and capital alphabets.
A valid URL is used I alphabets, numbers, and symbols (! _, $, +, (), ; *). The space is not used in URL.
Parts of the URL
There are three pats of URL.
Example – https://www.www.full-form.online

1.      https:// - This is a protocol. Which is the medium of communication between the browser and the server?
2.     www – This is the server address.
3.   full-form.online/- This is the domain of the website.

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