www full form in computer-complete information about www-www full form

WWW Full Form
WWW Full Form is World Wide Web. WWW represents the Internet server system which supports documents that are specially formatted. These documents are usually formatted using HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language. There are web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer available in the market which help to access the WWW (World Wide Web). Safari is a web browser application which is specific to Apple products.

www full form in computer-complete information about www-www full form
www full form in computer-complete information about www-www full form

To simply put, WWW or World Wide Web lets a user search any kind of information or get into any specific website he or she desires. The documents, as well as web pages, are identified  by specific identification called ‘URLs. These URLs are interlinked through the HTML hypertext links to access the Internet or www. Hence, majority of the host names or web addresses begin with www.

World-Wide Web is a based on hypertext information system. It’s an integration of complex
algorithm that gives us the privilege to connect people from across the world that
ultimately update with our family, friends and sources of information within seconds. Here
we have storage of a large number of electronic pages from all over the world in servers.
All the pages connected to each other through the link, these links are called “Hypertext”.

Hypertext is providing a link between two document files that are related to each other but
not connected. For example, in this article, we are reading a topic world wide web but here
Hypertext is also important to point to cover then at that time we are jumping on Hypertext
document link. Interconnection of hypertext pages by hyperlinks is activated by only one
mouse click. May possible these hyperlinks are tables, images or other presentational
content forms.

One more term “web surfing” is here in World Wide Web. Web surfing is an endless adventure of web pages. All the functioning above we are reading is done by a computer, a modem,software (browser) and many more thing. The browser itself doesn’t convert a computer code to HTML (Hypertext markup language) code. HTML language is also supported links to another document, graphics, audio, video etc. type of files.

World Wide Web is not containing all type of internet services. In short a global
collection of document and the resources which are linked to the URL and the hyperlinks is
called World Wide Web. For using this web data we use one of the communication protocols of the internet called HTTP. By typing URL, we can access any page on the internet.

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