What is the full from of GIF in computer-what does GIF stands for

Graphic Interchange Format
GIF Full Form is Graphic Interchange Format. It is often pronounced as ‘giff’ or ‘jiff’. GIF is a file format of the bit map and is used by the World Wide Web. GIF was introduced in 1987 by CompuServe. Ever since it has become widely popular because of its portability and support system. The GIF format supports around 8 bits for each pixel and for every image. GIF supports various resolutions as well as colors. It is highly effective with scanned images like illustrations than color pictures. This is due to its limitations of 265 colors. However, it includes data compression. The advantage with GIF is, here, the images are effectively compressed to reduced file sizes with no degradation in the quality of the image. This is because; it applies LZW or Lempel-Ziv-Welch Lossless Data Compression.

What is the full from of GIF in computer-what does GIF stands for
What is the full from of GIF in computer-what does GIF stands for

CompuServe introduced a format of the bitmap image in the year 1987. This format is commonly called GIF or Graphics User Format. It is widely used on the internet. For every image, eight bits per pixel is supported by this format. According to this format, an image can refer its palette of nearly two hundred and fifty-six colors selected from the RGB color space of twenty-four bits. The animations are also supported by it. For each frame, a separate palette consisting of two hundred and fifty-six colors are referred. Although this limitation of palette does not affect its suitability for simple images like logos or graphics that have solid color areas, it affects the same in the case of reproduction of images like color photographs that have continuous colors.

The technique used for compressing the GIF images is called the LZW or Lempel Ziv Welch lossless technique. It is used for decreasing the size of a file without affecting the visual quality of the image. The art that uses lines of sharp edges, having limited colors, like logos, use GIFs. For games, these are used for storing sprite data of low color. The GIFs are also utilized in film clips of low resolution and small animations. These are usually applied for giving humorous effect. For example, a juxtaposition of absurd nature can be produced by combining, rearranging or editing one or more sources of video. The same can be used for creating the opposite effects, or for either exaggerating or emphasizing a minor detail.

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