JPG extension Full Form in computer

JPG/JPEG Full Form
JPG Full Form (or) JPEG Full Form is Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a method of compressing digital images which are produced by digital photography. Since JPG is the same as JPEG, the full form expands to be Joint Photographic Experts Group, which is the committee that first created this file type.
 JPG  extension Full Form in computer
 JPG  extension Full Form in computer

JPG is one of the most common file formats everyone is familiar with. A jpg file can be identified with its extension ‘.jpg’ or ‘.jpeg’. It is the format used to store digital graphics and photos. A ‘lossy’ compression is used to save a jpg file. Most often, this file type is used to store images captured by digital cameras and is widely used for website graphics and photos.

The advantage of a jpg file is that it reduces the size without losing the quality. Typically, the file size is reduced about 5% of actual size. Nevertheless, when a file size is reduced a lot, the images tend to get ‘muddy’. It has high efficiency to offer small files as the design is intended to be lossy. This feature makes file transfer faster over the web.

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