Seo full form with complete information

Search Engine Optimization is the SEO full form which is a technique or it is a process to increase the visibility of website in search engine naturally.
Seo full form with complete information
Seo full form with complete information

There are two type of optimization in SEO:-

  1. On Page
  2. Off Page

In Off page, Backlinks is very important for any website which you can create by two ways. The first one is from comments or second is – tell to the administrator of those website where you want to add your website link.

On Page technique is not so difficult but optimizer should follow some points which is given below:-

Title – All page must has unique Title which should be relevant to content.
URL – URL should be relevant to content and title of the page but not exactly same as title.
Header Tags – If you are a search engine optimizer, then you should have to know that how to use of header tag specially for content writer.
These six tag are:-

<h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6>

Keyword Density – It is very important technique in SEO. Goggle and Bing/Yahoo or AOL etc’s are search engines, which allows 2 to 4% keyword density in page content for specific keywords. It might be possible that your website will affect by Google Penguin or Panda or Hummingbird in Google Search Engine if you are not caring about it.

Grammar:- If you are a content writer then you should have to care for your grammar because grammatical errors in content is also negative for your website’s SEO or it may decrease your website visibility on search engine.

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