TFT Full Form in computer and health with complete information

Full Form of TFT :
TFT Full Form is Thin Film Transistor. TFT is a special type of LCD or liquid crystal display. It is very common in laptops and notebook computers. TFT is also termed as ‘active matrix display technology’. TFT offers a better viewing experience than the passive matrix technologies. One of the latest developments in TFT is the organic TFT technology. This offers flexible display surfaces. TFT LCD displays are highly energy efficient. TFT also offers crisp images without flicker or geometric distortion. However, TFT LCD is slightly more expensive due to the design.
TFT Full Form in computer and health with complete information
TFT Full Form in computer and health with complete information

TFT Full Form – Thought Field Therapy
Full Form of TFT is Thought Field Therapy. TFT is essentially a fringe psychological treatment which was created by Roger Callahan, an American psychologist. The proponents of TFT claim that the therapy can heal a range of physical and mental illnesses by means of specialized tapping of the fingers at meridian points on the hands and upper body. The idea behind the TFT is actually a concoction of different theories and concepts coming from different sources. One of them is a theory coming straight from the Chinese Philosophy of Chi, supposedly the life force that pervades throughout the body. The TFT is also based on applied kinesiology as well as physics. However, despite being a prominent theory in psychology, its effectiveness has not been proven and its lack of scientific basis has been stated by the American Psychological Association.

The theory is named so because Callahan believed that when an individual thinks about a thought or an experience which has an association with an emotional problem, they tune into what he termed as a thought field. This field has been described as the most fundamental part of the entire TFT system. The theory states that every deformation in a thought field of a person has a connection with a specific problem and it gets activated when we think about that problem. The theory maintains that perturbations are responsible for the negative emotions that arise and each such perturbation corresponds to a particular meridian point. This emotional distress can be eradicated by tapping of fingers on those meridian points, which removes the bottlenecks in the way of the flow of chi. It is claimed that the use of this therapy can get rid of other psychological problems such as depression, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder (abbreviated as PTSD), anxiety, etc.

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