A list of 50+ Important “IT Full Forms”

A list of Important “IT Full Forms” is Mentioned Below in detail. Lets Check Out Full Forms.

A list of Important “IT Full Forms” is Mentioned Below in detail. Lets Check Out Full Forms.
A list of 50+ Important “IT Full Forms” 

Acronym           Full Form

 ASP  ⇒ Active Server Page

HTTPS  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HTML Hyper Text Markup Language

JPEG     Joint Photographic Experts Group

 CPUCentral Processing Unit

MMS Multimedia Messaging Service

DNSDomain Name System

PDFPortable Document Format

ICTInformation and Communications Technology

 ITInformation Technology

 ITES   Information Technology Enabled Services

SIM Subscriber Identity Module

PDF Portable Document Format

SMS  Short Message Service

RSS  Really Simple Syndication, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

PHP   Hypertext Preprocessor (earlier called, Personal Home Page)

SEO  Search Engine Optimization

SQL  Structured Query Language

USBUniversal Serial Bus

URL Uniform Resource Locator

 JAR  Java Archive

 JAD     Java Application Descriptor

RTS  Real Time Streaming

UMTS  Universal Mobile Telecommunication System

VIRUS  Vital Information Resources Under Seize

MP4   MPEG-4 video file

SWF   Shock Wave Flash

 GIF   Graphic InterchangeableFormat

WIFI   Wireless Fidelity

PERL   Practical Extraction And Report Language

URL    Uniform Resource Locator

www   World Wide Web

CSS      Cascading Style Sheets

 3GPP     3rd Generation Partnership Project

3GP      3rd Generation Protocol

WMV    Windows Media Video

JSP       Java Server Page

XML       eXtensible Markup Language

 J2EE       Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition

WAV      Waveform Audio

JS    Java Script

XMPP    Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol

PNGPortable Network Graphics

BBSBulletin Board Service

LTE Long Term Evolution

MODEM MOdulator-DEModulator

PING  Packet InterNet Groper

WORM  Write Once Read Many

VGA Video Graphics Array

MPEG   Motion Pictures Expert Group

DBMS   Data Base Management System

EMAILE lectronic Mail

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