what is the full form of kfc

KFC Full Form

KFC Full Form is Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC is a very popularly heard fast food joint, which has placed it prints all over the world. With headquarters placed in Louisville in Kentucky, USA, KFC is the second biggest chain of restaurant in the world in the measure of sales. It is one among the few brands in the USA which is capable of boasting a long history of success and innovation.

what is the full form of kfc
KFC was founded in the year 1930. It all started with an ordinary cook named Colonel Harland Sanders creating a secret list of spices and herbs to make a chicken dish, which eventually became best original recipe and the famous chicken dish. Initially, Harland was selling the fried chicken in a roadside restaurant in Kentucky.

He realized that there was a great potential in operating restaurant franchise and opened the first ever “Kentucky Fried Chicken” franchise in Utah in the year 1952. However, he sold the company to Jack C. Massey and John Y. Brown, Jr. who were heading the small group of investors. They had later expanded the company internationally and made it a big fast food giant as it is known today.


Chicken! Who does not enjoy chicken? It is one of the most popular non-vegetarian food options and is consumed in various forms. Be it butter chicken or a burger, chicken makes them electable and irresistibly delicious. Now that we have begun with chicken, most of the readers would have had evocative images in their minds, imagining themselves eating chicken and enjoying the best of life. Now the following paragraphs will make you crave for more, as our topic of discussion is the fast food giant, Kentucky Fried Chicken (abbreviated as KFC).


Before we explore various aspects about KFC, let us begin with some introductory segment on KFC, which is one of the most popular food restaurants in the world, famous for its buckets of chicken and chicken wings. It is basically and as mentioned before a fast food restaurant chain that deals with fried chicken. It is based in Louisville, Kentucky situated in the United States.

Internationally a big name, it is the second largest fast food restaurant chain (in terms of sales) after the burger giant, McDonald’s in the world, with outlets established in more than 118 countries as far as the survey of November 2013 is taken into consideration. It is among the three popular subsidiaries of Yum!Brands. Apart from KFC, the other subsidiaries of Yum!Brands are Pizza Hut and Taco bell.

KFC was founded by an entrepreneur by the name Harland Sanders, who used to sell fried chicken from his restaurant situated in Corbin, Kentucky at the time Great Depression was persisting.

The first product of KFC was pressure fried chicken, which was embellished with a secret recipe of Sanders. It is an important trade secret. Now, the KFC has introduced different varieties in its menu like wraps, French fries, soft drinks, veg burgers, etc. The KFC has changed its slogans many times, with “Nobody does chicken like KFC” and “So good” being predecessors of the currently in use slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good”. All of this shows in brief how far a small restaurant chain has traveled, making it one of the most attended chains in the world.

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